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CAD Services

Our CAD service is ideal for developing existing products or pre-manufacturing your design concepts prior to production help reduce your initial investment.

Pre-Production Design & Development

Our CAD facility will allow us to establish the most suitable production method for your project. We can also investigate load limits, stress test, and estimate the manufacturing cost. It will also allow you to see a 3 dimensional model of your design concept before you incur the expense of a full production run.

CAD Design Roll Cages

We can use your drawings, sketches or actual products as a starting point, and then help you develop a solution that meets your engineering needs.

The Specialists Retention Cage and Pallet Design

We specialise in the design and manufacture of retention cages, roll cages, stillages, pallets, parcel trolleys and sack trucks.

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CAD Designed Roll Cage

CAD Services

  • Produce CAD designs from your existing, sketches, engineering drawings or real-world products
  • Create 3D models from your CAD drawings allowing you to see the finished item before production begins
  • Identify areas of improvement at the design stage to reduce manufacturing times
  • Rapidly refine existing designs to help reduce production costs
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Trusted by the biggest brands in the business:

Trusted by the biggest brands in the business